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7 Day Dive Tour (Cod Hole, Coral Sea & Great Barrier Reef)

This tour comprises of a combination of both the 4 day 3 night tour to the Cod Hole & Northern Great Barrier Reef as well as the 5 day 4 night tour to the Cod Hole & Osprey reef in the Coral Sea.

During the seven-day trip you will have the opportunity to experience 24 dives at some of the worlds most renowned dive sites. You will enjoy your seven days diving at the 'world famous' Cod Hole, pristine Osprey reef in the Coral Sea and the beautifully diverse Ribbon Reefs.

As the trip is a combination of two tours, you will return to Cairns for a short two hour interval before embarking upon the second leg of your tour. This is a good time to grab any last minute purchases or contact friends and family between the tours.

Your tour will either depart on Friday and return the following Friday, or depart Tuesday and return the following Tuesday. See our Bookings page for the various prices per person, dependant upon room type and rental requirements. We also run a selection of courses on board the vessel. For complete itinerary click here for details:

Cod Hole & Coral Sea (Osprey Reef) Tour
5 Days/4 Nights (4 Full Days Diving)

Cod Hole & Northern Great Barrier Reef Tour
4 Days/3 Nights (3 Full Days Diving)

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