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Specialty Dive Courses

Underwater Photography Course

The program covers basic underwater photography with special emphasis on practical photographic techniques. The course is offered for both digital and 35mm film cameras. The academic content of the program is divided into 3 main areas:

  • The planning, organisation, procedures, techniques and hazards of underwater photography.
  • General photographic principles, composition, flash versus available light photography and camera handling techniques.
  • The preparation, care and maintenance of underwater photographic equipment.The course includes two photography dives. For students using digital cameras, the course includes a photo download and feedback session after each course dive. Where possible, the training dives will be conducted early in the trip. It is expected that the total course time including lectures, dives and revision will be approx. 6 hours.

Course Cost: AU$200
Extras: Camera hire for 1 day (4 dives) - $100 for digital camera

PADI Advanced Course

The advanced course is a PADI course that requires divers to go that one step further in understanding what Scuba Diving is all about. Unlike the open water course, the advanced course focuses less on theory and more on the practical skills of diving. The advanced course gives you the opportunity to expand upon what you have learned from the open water course. Deep & Navigation are the two compulsory dives you are required to complete along with three other dives of your choice.

You may choose from;

Night dive,
Boat dive,
Photography dive or
Naturalist dive

as your other non-compulsory options to complete the advanced course. These skills are preformed over a section of five dives, which are set out not to detract from the overall enjoyment of the tour, but add a whole new range of possibilities to be enjoyed underwater.

Course Cost: AU$130

Adventure Dives
Adventure dives are an enjoyable, relaxed way to focus on one aspect of diving that you are interested in or perhaps struggling with. Adventure dives give you the opportunity to experience a new type of diving while learning a little bit about both the practical and theory sides of that type of diving. On board Taka Dive we try to make the sport of diving fun yet educational at the same time. We offer a range of adventure dives as we realise not everyone would like to do a whole advanced course. Please speak to our friendly instructors on board the vessel for more information on any of these courses.

During the deep adventure dive, you will be taught the basic skills of how to plan and execute a safe, successful dive to 30m depth. You will also learn more about decompression sickness, it’s causes, prevention and symptoms.

The night adventure dive will teach you how to safely plan, navigate and ascend successfully at night with limited vision.

The photography adventure dive will touches on some of the basic skills of how to take an underwater photo. When using a camera underwater it is important to recognise that it will be harder to stay in focus, use correct lighting and film a moving subject. This dive also covers basic correct usage of your photography equipment.

During the Naturalist dive you will have the opportunity to learn how to identify and enjoy observing Aquatic plant life, Aquatic Invertebrate animals and Aquatic vertebrate animals.
Cost per adventure dive is: AU$30
Or you can complete 3 adventure dives to become an Adventure Diver.

Cost is AU$125 (price includes PIC-Certification Card)

A specialty course further certifies you in one specific area of diving. In this case that is in Naturalist diving. This specialty teaches you how to fully appreciate and respect your surroundings when diving. This course will teach you all about the various types of Marine Life and how they all play a very important part in our ecosystem.

Cost is AU$95 (Price includes 2 Adventure Dives and a PIC-Certification Card)

A specialty course further certifies you in one specific area of diving. In this case, Deep diving. This specialty teaches you to plan, organise, make & log open water, no-decompression dives between the depths of 18m and 39.5m in conditions comparable to, or better than, those you were trained in.

Cost is AU$155 (Price includes 4 Adventure Dives and a PIC-Certification Card)

PADI Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx)

If you want to stay underwater a bit longer, feel less tired after repetitive dives and have shorter surface intervals, then the Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty Course is for you. The course involves all theory aspects for planning and conducting dives using enriched air and two dives on the enriched air.


Must be a minimum of 15 years of age, hold an entry level open water certification, have completed a minimum of 20 logged dives.

Course Cost during:

4 day 3 night Cod Hole & Northern GBR - $250AUD
5 day 4 night Cod Hole & Coral Sea - $270AUD

The course cost includes the loaning of all materials required to complete the Nitrox Course and the two core dives on enriched air. The course cost also includes unlimited refills of enriched air for the entire tour.

Nitrox Fills- for those already certified to use enriched air.

Cod Hole & Northern GBR - $75AUD 10 dives
Cod Hole & Coral Sea - $105AUD 14 dives

Or $10AUD per dive with enriched air.

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