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Cod Hole & Northern Great Barrier Reef

4 Days/3 Nights (3 Full Days Diving)
Departs Tuesdays includes 10 dives (8 day dives + 2 night dives)

Utilising only the best equipment available and making sure there is as much dive time as humanly possible, Cod Hole Dive will take you to the remote regions of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. You will dive with the giant Potato Cod at the Cod Hole, and visit some truly amazing sites up and down the Ribbon Reefs.

Complimentary pick-ups from Cairns City accommodation commence between 4:30pm & 5:00pm. Passengers arrive to our vessel at approx 5:10pm. Check in is then done by one of our experienced & friendly crew members.

The first evening we travel overnight 150km to the Cod Hole. During this time passengers organize their dive gear or hire gear. We also have a brief period of introduction followed by paperwork and a briefing on the schedule for the next day. Dinner is served at approx 7:30pm with the rest of the evening for relaxation.

The boat arrives at the Cod Hole at approx 9 am. Our second dive at the Cod Hole is the Cod Feed, where huge schools of fish and Maori Wrasses compete with the large family of Potato Cod for a fish dinner. This would have to be one of the world's premier dive experiences. After the second dive we move down the Ribbon Reefs to one of our many select dive locations for an afternoon dive and later a night dive.

  • Cod Hole
  • Cod Hole [Cod Feed]
  • Pixie Pinnacle
  • Challenger Bay [Night Dive]

This day is spent diving the Ribbon Reefs at various locations that we have chosen for their diversity of marine life and architecture. You will see giant clams up to 2 metres across, huge coral gardens, swim throughs and an abundance of marine life unmatched anywhere on this planet. 3 day dives and a night dive.

  • Clam Gardens
  • Temple of Doom
  • Steve's Bommie
  • Beer Gardens [Night Dive]

We do 2 dives on this day, as we are now nearing the end of our trip. These dives are on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef and feature unique coral formations and fish life. Taka then cruises through the reefs arriving back into Cairns at approx 3.30 pm.

  • Hog's Breath
  • No-Name Bommie
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Dive Cod Hole & Northern Great Barrier Reef
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Steve's Bommie
Giant Cod
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