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Put simply there are a lot of plants and animals in Cairns. This is an area that has the Great Barrier Reef, lush tropical rainforests, a densely vegetated dividing range, tropical Islands, eucalypt bush, farmlands and even some desert all within a range of a few hundred kilometres. Add to this a tropical climate and heavy rainfall and the result is an area teeming with life. Even the urban areas are filled with wildlife.

Photo by Peter Lik (click here)

There are many tours that specialise in flora and fauna with experienced guides keen to impart their knowledge on visitors. If you love nature and the great outdoors you will love North Queensland. Life in the tropics is unstoppable. It is a long standing joke that if you spit a fruit seed out of the window the next day a fully grown tree (with fruit) will be there. The more you explore North Queensland the more exotic plants and animals that you will see. To see some of North Queensland's more famous inhabitants in the wild such as crocodiles, cassowaries, rare birds and butterflies can sometimes prove to be difficult. There are very good tour operators that specialise in conducting wildlife spotting tours, sometimes in specialist 4WD vehicles and in some cases on foot.

Another way to see some unusual animals, up close and very personal, is to visit several of the excellent wildlife parks in the region. They are all different and specialise in show casing Australian plants and animals in unique ways. There is something quite exhilarating about locking eyes with a 5 metre crocodile only a few centimetres away - a sight like that soon helps to develop a healthy respect for these very serious predators.

The sheer diversity and abundance of wildlife in North Queensland ensures that these attractions will keep you entertained for hours.

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