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Local Lingo

You could often be excused for thinking that in Cairns and Australia in general, we speak a different language to English. Well we speak our own version that has evolved over many years. Part of this evolution are many words that have no meaning anywhere else in the world. This is one of the things that makes us different and most international visitors to Cairns find us charming (she'll be right mate). Take a few moments to learn a few of the more common words and phrases:.

Amber fluid - beer

Ankle biter - small child

Banana bender - resident of Queensland

Barbie - barbecue (BBQ) - cooking food over an open fire

Blowies - blow flies

Bugs - a very tasty crustacean similar to a small lobster

Bottle-o - a bottle shop

BYO - bring your own, normally alcohol at restaurants

Bush - anywhere rural. For example I'm going bush

Chook - chicken

Cocky - farmer

Damper - traditional Australian style of bread baked in an open fire

Dead horse - tomato sauce

Digger - Australian or New Zealand soldier or war veteran

Dinkum - honest or genuine

Dunny - toilet

Esky - portable cooler for holding food and drink

G'Day - traditional greeting

Galah - noisy pink and grey parrot, also a term for a person considered to be an idiot

Grog - alcohol

Jocks - mens underpants

Mad as a cut snake - angry

Mate - a term used to address anyone. For example thanks mate, see you later mate

Mexican - anyone living South of the Queensland border

Mozzies - mosquitoes

Pavlova - traditional Australian meringue and cream dessert

Racehorse - large goanna (reptile)

Ratbag - friendly term of abuse

Road train - a very large articulated truck normally found driving on isolated outback roads

Session - a drinking 'session" at the pub (hotel)

Shonky - unreliable

Shout - to buy drinks, normally taking turns in a group

Slab - a carton of beer

Smoko - morning or afternoon tea

Snag - sausage

Stubby - glass bottle of beer

Swag - canvas covered foam mattress used for a bed normally when camping

Thongs - open rubber footwear

Tucker - food

Whinge - complain or moan

Yobbo - loud or obnoxious person

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