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Budget Travel

Cairns really is well suited for the budget traveller. There is an excellent range of accommodation available starting from as little as $11 per night in dormitory style buildings to cheaper motel style units for as little as $39 per night. Sometimes you may have to hunt around to find these bargains but generally they are readily available.

There are a number of cheaper eateries and dining venues that specifically cater for the budget traveller. These are mostly located on or around the Esplanade which is where most hostels and backpackers are located. Most nightclubs will have special deals to encourage backpackers to their venues by offering cheap meals.

Normally asking around at the local hostel will give you all of the answers on where to eat and drink. Likewise with touring. There are tours available at all levels and budgets. You can do a top of the line trip to the Great Barrier Reef which will cost about $150 for the day or you can do a budget trip which will cost you about $50. What is the difference you ask?

Well it is mostly in the little things. The larger boats get you to the reef faster, they are more comfortable and they have more facilities but they also carry a lot more people. Generally on the large vessels all activities (except SCUBA diving) are included in the ticket price.

The same goes with day tours to the Daintree. You can easily get a deluxe tour that is all inclusive or you can get a budget trip that has a few more optionals and perhaps slightly less convenient times.

Likewise with shopping. There are all ranges of shopping available from Louis Vuitton to the cheapest no frills stores and everything in between.

If you are a budget traveller rest assured that you will be well catered for in this part of the world.

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