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With over 200 restaurants in the Cairns region it is unlikely that you will go hungry. Whatever your tastes or budget there will be a number of restaurants that will suit you perfectly. Every type of restaurant imaginable can be found from fine dining five star restaurants to cheap eats and small cafes. Restaurants can be found on the waterfront along the Esplanade, The Pier Marketplace and throughout the CBD area. Virtually all are open seven days per week.

Asking locals and other travellers for restaurant recommendations is always a good idea. We tend to say that if there are a lot of people in restaurant it is good. New travels fast in a small city like Cairns so the minute a new restaurant opens everyone like to try it out.

There is an impressive variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, seafoods, meats and unusual herbs and spices that tend to give food cooked in the tropics a unique flavour. Be adventurous and try some of the more unusual dishes on a menu. It is unlikely that you will be disappointed. Seafood is featured predominantly in many restaurants.

Dress standards for restaurants in Cairns is casual. Ties are unheard of and due to the weather, jackets are not required. Casual and comfortable is the key. Some restaurants are licensed which means that they serve alcohol. If a restaurant is unlicensed it is a BYO or bring your own alcohol. BYO restaurants are common and it is a normal question to ask a restaurant if they are licensed or not.

Virtually all restaurants accept major credit cards.

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