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Camping is a great way to experience North Queensland's many National Parks. It is important to be prepared and to make certain that you have good equipment and plenty of supplies. Contrary to popular belief you cannot simply pull over by the side of the road and set up your tent. There are specific areas allocated to camping and they should be adhered to. Most of the time these camping facilities are located in the best spots and with the best facilities anyway.

Many camping grounds offer free or very low cost (a few dollars per night) rates for using the facilities. There are literally hundreds of camping grounds throughout North Queensland and the best way to figure out where to go is to visit the National Parks and Wildlife Office in Cairns (international telephone 61 7 4052 3096). They have all of the information that you will need and often you can purchase permits directly from them.

To make your stay more enjoyable and to protect the environment, please observe a few guidelines when camping in National Parks;

1 Use fireplaces where provided. If there is no fireplace use a gas stove. Extinguish all fires before leaving your site.
2 Use bins where provided or take your rubbish with you.
3 Be considerate of other people visiting National Parks.
4 Leave generators, compressors and loud stereos at home.
5 Leave pets at home.
6 Do not use soap in lakes, creeks or rivers.
7 If toilets are not provided bury human waste well away from creeks and lakes.
8 Leave firearms, chain saws etc at home.
9 Camp away from walking tracks and waterways.
10 Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return

For more detailed information contact;
Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service
Ground Floor, 160 Ann St. Brisbane QLD 4002
Telephone (07) 3227 8185 (International Telephone 61 7 3227 8185)

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